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1: Introduction – About TextCrypt

What is TextCrypt?

TextCrypt is a cross-platform tool that allows users to encrypt entered text using AES-128 encryption to protect their data. By simply entering a password and the text they desire to encrypt, TextCrypt will encrypt the text on the fly to protect it from prying eyes. TextCrypt supports other languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, etc.

System Requirements

TextCrypt is programmed to run on the following minimum specifications:

  • Mac OS X 10.4 or later
  • Microsoft Windows XP SP2 or later
  • X86-based Linux distributions with GTK+ 2.8 (or higher), glibc-2.4, CUPS (Common Unix Printing System), and libstdc++.so.6 Officially supported distributions: Ubuntu 6.10 or later, SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 8 and above, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5

Registration Number

Each user is required to have a registration number, otherwise known as a serial number, in order to complete the full version installation of the software properly. Whether the software has been purchased online or through a third party retail channel, the user needs the registration number for installation of the software.

Retail Purchase

If the software was purchased through a retail channel, the registration number should be inside the jewel case. Please be sure to keep these details in a safe and secure place.

No Registration Number – Demo Mode

Without a registration number it is only possible to start using a version of TextCrypt with limited functionality. In Demo Mode the user will only be able to encrypt 32 characters of data with a non-changeable password. To register the software from demo mode, purchase the software online or via retail channel, and then simply select “Register” from the TextCrypt drop menu and enter a valid registration number in the dialog screen.

Updates and Upgrades

A single registration number is valid for incremental updates to the purchased version of TextCrypt. When upgrading between versions the purchase of a new registration number will be required. For information on upgrades, please email sales@subrosasoft.com.

Lost Registration Numbers

Please ensure that you keep your registration number in a safe and secure place. Print off confirmation emails, or back them up. Store the jewel case in a secure place. SubRosaSoft Inc. cannot guarantee the ability to re-issue serial numbers for our users.

Site Licenses

Site Licences can be purchased online via https://www.subrosasoft.com/. For volume discounts please contact us directly via email: sales@subrosasoft.com. Obtaining the Latest Version

Downloading from the Web Site

It is important for every user to ensure that they have the latest version of the TextCrypt software. The latest version is always freely available for download on our web site at: https://www.subrosasoft.com/

SubRosaSoft Homepage

A download link, alongside version information, is accessible on the product page of the site. Simply click the respective link and a compressed archive file will automatically begin to download to the desktop, or another specified download location.

TextCrypt versions are distributed in a ZIP archive format and can be decompressed in the Mac OS Finder with a simple double-click of file icon. This will place the decompressed application file in the same location as the original ZIP archive, most likely the desktop. You will need to use an archive utility to uncompress it under Windows and Linux.

Having decompressed the application, we strongly recommend that this copy of TextCrypt then be moved to Applications folder and the original ZIP archive file be placed in the Trash for deletion.

Using WebCheck

TextCrypt has a built-in web-enabled version checker. This is invoked at application start-up and will make a single web request for a text file, stored on SubRosaSoft’s servers, that contains the most up-to-date version number of the software. This is solely for the purpose of comparison with the version on TextCrypt’s host computer. At no point does SubRosaSoft collect any identifying information and the request to our servers is no different from making a similar request in your web browser, and browsing our web site.

When TextCrypt determines the version of the software to be out-of-date, the user will be prompted to download a newer version of the software by a dialog box that will come to the fore. Of course, should the user not wish to update at that point in time he or she can cancel the prompt, and review the update again next time TextCrypt is started.

If the user prefers to disable this functionality, and ignore update requests, he or she should simply select “Disable WebCheck” from the File drop menu.

Finding Help & Technical Support

Should the user need assistance while working with TextCrypt, there are a number of sources through which to get help:

Help within TextCrypt

The user can find this help file within TextCrypt by going to the Help menu at the top of the screen and choosing “Show Help” from the menu. This will display the manual you are reading now.

Technical Support

Our technical support is free via email and can be accessed at the following address: support@subrosasoft.com. The support hours are 10am to 6pm Pacific Standard Time Monday to Friday (GMT -8).

In addition to any support question(s), the user must include ALL of the following pieces of information:

  • Valid registration number.
  • System configuration(s) – hard drive make, model etc.
  • System OS version.

System related information can be found by using the “System Profiler” application in the /Applications/Utilities folder.

Installing & Updating TextCrypt

Installing From the CD-ROM

Once the CD has mounted on the user’s desktop and the CD volume has been opened into a window, the user should see a folder named “Applications”. To install TextCrypt to the host computer, open the said folder and drag & drop TextCrypt to any desired location on the new host computer, though we strongly recommend placing it in the host computer’s “Applications” folder. Having done this the user is ready for the initial setup.

Installing or Updating via Download

Once the software has been downloaded from the site and decompressed, the user should simply drag & drop TextCrypt into the Applications folder, or to the previously selected desired location. If prompted to replace the existing version of the file, click Replace. On Windows and Linux systems, simply drag the TextCrypt folder to the desired location and launch the application within to use TextCrypt.

Initial Setup

The first time the application is launched the user will be asked to accept the End User License Agreement (EULA – see Appendix C) and then to enter his or her valid registration number.

Uninstalling TextCrypt

Removing TextCrypt from a system is a simple process. Simply quit TextCrypt, locate the TextCrypt application in the Applications folder, or other desired location, drag & drop it into the Trash, and select Empty Trash. On windows and Linux systems, simply drag the TextCrypt folder to the trash and empty it.

2: Using TextCrypt – Understanding the Functionality

Encrypting and decrypting text

TextCrypt Main Window

Setting a password

The first step in using TextCrypt is to set your encryption password. To do so, simply enter your desired password in the password box. Remember that this password is protecting your encrypted text so make sure your password is hard to guess. Using a combinations of letters, numbers, upper and lowercase characters is highly recommended. Make sure you remember the password, as your text cannot be recovered if the password is lost. The longer the password, the stronger the encryption (up to 16 characters).

Entering text to be encrypted

After entering an encryption password, the next step is to enter the text you wish to encrypt. Simply type or paste the text you wish to encrypt into the ‘Clear Text’ area below the password box. As you enter your text, you will see the characters in the ‘Encrypted’ area at the bottom of the TextCrypt window change.

Copying encrypted text

Once you have entered your encryption password and entered the text you wish to encrypt, the encrypted text will appear in the ‘Encrypted’ area at the bottom of the TextCrypt window. Simply highlight this text and copy it either by going to the ‘Edit’ menu in the menu bar and selecting ‘copy’ or by using the keyboard shortcut Command – C on a Mac or Control – C on a Windows machine. You can then paste the encrypted text anywhere you’d like. Save it in a text file for safekeeping or paste it into an email and send it with the confidence that your secret is safe.

Decrypting text

To decrypt text, first you must enter your encryption password into the Password field of TextCrypt. This is the same password you used when originally encrypting the text. Once the password has been entered, paste the encrypted text into the ‘Encrypted’ field. TextCrypt will automatically display the decrypted text in the ‘Clear Text’ field of TextCrypt.

Using Auto Clipboard

By checking the box labelled ‘Auto Clipboard’ in the bottom left side of the TextCrypt window, the application will automatically copy the encrypted data to the OS clipboard for easy pasting into the application of your choosing whenever you leave the TextCrypt window. Simply uncheck this box should you wish to not have this data copied for you automatically. The ‘Pasted’ section at the bottom of the TextCrypt window will show what has been copied to the clipboard.

3: Appendices

Questions and Answers

Why would I encrypt text?

If you wish to send a message to someone using any standard Internet messaging system (such as email, or online chats), it is important that nobody can read that message except the person you are sending it to.

Can I get TextCrypt on a CD?

Yes, please visit our web site https://www.subrosasoft.com/ or email sales@subrosasoft.com for more information.

By installing TextCrypt, what exactly gets installed and where?

We install a file named “TextCrypt Prefs” in your Preferences folder, or AppData/Application Data folder on a Win system.

Where is the documentation for TextCrypt?

You are reading it now. If you need help while you are using the software, you can access the help file from the Help menu.

Is there a demo version of TextCrypt?

Yes, there is a free demo version of TextCrypt. The free trial limits encrypted messages to 32 characters and a non-changeable demo password.

I need support help, what should I do?

Our technical support is free and can be accessed by e-mail (Our email support hours are 10am to 6pm, Pacific time) or by phone. If you choose to contact our technical support via email, you must include in the email your serial number, system configurations, and the system software version.

Menu Shortcuts Reference

The following shortcuts are specific to the TextCrypt Application.

Apple Key + Comma Open ‘Registration’ Window
Apple Key + ? Show Help
Tab Moving between password, Clear Text, and Encrypted windows.

The Apple Key is also called the <Command-> Key.

Copyright Notice

SubRosaSoft.com Inc copyrights this software, the product design, and design concepts with all rights reserved. The copyright laws of the United States of America subject to the restrictions and limitations impose your rights with regard to the software and manual.

Under the copyright laws, neither the programs nor the manual may be copied, reproduced, translated, transmitted or reduced to any printed or electronic medium or to any machine-readable form, in whole or in part, without the written consent of SubRosaSoft.com Inc.

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