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1: What is SubRosaSoft Drive Cleaner?

SubRosaSoft Drive Cleaner helps you free up the valuable space of your drive by removing gigabytes of nonessential or temporary files.

Optimized for Mac OS X Yosemite, the easy-to-use SubRosaSoft Drive Cleaner can reclaim wasted disk space with simply a few clicks. You can choose from half a dozen of categories to clean, and on average regain 10 GB of disk space quickly and easily.

2: Getting Started – The Basics of SubRosaSoft Drive Cleaner

System Requirements

SubRosaSoft Drive Cleaner is designed to run on Macs with the following minimum specifications:

  • Apple Power Macintosh CPU (Intel based)
  • Mac OS X (10.9 Mavericks or higher)
  • At least 2 GB of RAM

Registration Number

Each user is required to have a registration number to complete installation of the software.

Online Purchase

When purchasing the software online at: the registration number is automatically emailed as part of the purchase confirmation. If a confirmation email does not appear in your email inbox, please check that it is not in the junk mail folder before requesting technical support. Please print your confirmation email, and store it in a safe and secure place for future reference.

Lost Registration Numbers

Please ensure that you keep your registration number in a safe and secure place. Print out confirmation emails, or back them up. SubRosaSoft cannot guarantee the re-issue of serial numbers for our software.

Site Licenses

Site Licences can be purchased online via For volume discounts please contact us directly via email:

Obtaining the Latest Version

Downloading from the Web Site

It is important to have the latest version of the SubRosaSoft Drive Cleaner software. The latest version is always freely available for download on our web site at:

SubRosaSoft site

A download link, alongside version information, appears on the product page of the site. Simply click the link — a DMG archive file will automatically begin to download to the desktop, or another specified download location.

SubRosaSoft Drive Cleaner versions are distributed in a DMG format, and can be mounted on the Desktop in the Mac OS Finder by simply double-clicking the file icon. Within the disk image the user will find the Drive Cleaner application, the latest Read Me document, and a quick start guide.

Installing or Updating via Download

Once the software has been downloaded from the site and decompressed, simply drag SubRosaSoft Drive Cleaner from the disk image window into the Applications folder. If prompted to replace an existing version of the file, click Replace.

Finding Help & Technical Support

Should the user need assistance while working with SubRosaSoft Drive Cleaner there are a number of sources for help:

Help within SubRosaSoft Drive Cleaner

To get help with any questions you may have about the operation of SubRosaSoft Drive Cleaner, select ‘SubRosaSoft Drive Cleaner Help’ from the drop-down Help menu.

Technical Support

Our technical support is free via email and can be accessed at the following address: The support hours are 10am to 6pm Pacific Standard Time Monday through Friday (GMT -8).

In addition to any support question(s), the user must include ALL of the following pieces of information:

  • Valid registration number.
  • System configuration(s) – hard drive make, model etc.
  • System OS version.

System related information can be found by using the “System Profiler” application in the /Applications/Utilities folder.

Initial Setup

When you first launch SubRosaSoft Drive Cleaner, you will be asked to input the registration number. It will then request your password; authentication is necessary to perform some of its operations (such as removal of caches).

Need password authentication here

Once the password is entered, SubRosaSoft Drive Cleaner will perform a scan to check the space available and display the amount of space you can regain. You will see the amount of disk space that can be freed up on the upper right hand corner of each category.

Quick Tip: The importance of backing up
SubRosaSoft Drive Cleaner has been tested thoroughly, but like all disk utilities, we recommend you always have an up-to-date backup.

3: Using SubRosaSoft Drive Cleaner – Understanding the Core Functions

The Main Window – An Overview

Immediately after start-up, the user will be taken to the ‘Main Window’. The Main Window is the starting point for performing any task.

SubRosaSoft Drive Cleaner Main Window

Menu Items

There are a few items on the menu bar that are specific for SubRosaSoft Drive Cleaner:

Enter License Key…

Selecting Enter License Key… will display a window for entering the Registration number (if the software is running in Demo mode). The menu will be disabled if a serial number has already been entered

Enter License Key

Drive Cleaner Help

Selecting Drive Cleaner Help will launch the default browser on the user’s machine and access for Drive Cleaner’s html-based help file

Drive Cleaner Help Menu

The Main Window’s Layout

Main Window Layout

The bar chart and the pie chart on the top show the non-removable area, and the area that can be reclaimed (Gray, White and Green).

The Graph

There are three different areas – Automatic Clean, Guard Privacy, and Advanced.

The files that SubRosaSoft Drive Cleaner can remove include the following:

Mail Downloads (Under Automatic Clean)

Mail Downloads Pane

Attachments to emails are stored here.

They are additionally stores in the email message itself, so deleting them will make no difference apart from freeing up some space.

Logs (Under Automatic Clean)

Logs Pane

Logs are kept by applications in order to create a history that may be of use for diagnostics.

or example a log is generated every time an app crashes in case the developer needs to determine what happened. Over time these can build up.

Cache (Under Automatic Clean)

Cache Pane

Caches speed up applications by duplicating commonly used data so it can be accessed again faster in the future.

However caches sometimes become bloated, and this can result in both slower application performance and wasted disk space.

Guard Privacy (not available in demo mode)

Guard Privacy Pane

For quarantine purposes a log of all files that have been downloaded is kept permanently.

Over time that list is no longer needed. If you would rather it were not present on your computer you can delete it here. Deleting it will remove only the list, not the files themselves, so it is safe to do.

Sleep Image (Under Advanced)

Sleep Image Pane

Remove the file /private/var/vm/sleepimage

This file is the contents of memory written to disk the last time of your computer hibernated, in order to read it back into memory when it wakes up.

You can safely delete this file any time your computer is awake. It is necessary to do this manually because Administrator rights are needed.

To delete the Sleep Image, click Delete Sleep Image. The action should happen in seconds and easily will reclaim one or more gigabytes.

Application Support (Under Advanced)

Application Support Pane

The Application Support folder (~/Library/Application Support/) contains essential items for applications. However if you have deleted an application and will not be using it again, there are often remnants left over that can very large.

It is worth taking a look for anything left behind that you’re sure you don’t want. You can pick what to delete based on your needs.

Removing Application Support files requires you to manually determine what to delete. Click the magnifying glass button at the bottom of the Application Support panel; Drive Cleaner will display a list from which you can manually select and delete.

Application Support Window

Quick Tip: What to remove
Applications you installed and no longer need are good candidates for removals.

Foreign Language Files (Under Advanced)

Foreign Language Files Pane

In general, applications contain all of the data related to the application in every language that the application supports.

To free up space being used by language files you will never use, click this button. Drive Cleaner will scan through the .app bundles and delete them automatically.

Scanning for Foreign Language files may take more than a few minutes as there are many files to scan thru.

4: Appendices

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