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Use SubRosaSoft Disk Copy to create bootable copies of startup drives, manage synchronization of volumes, handle incremental bootable copies, and support scheduling for automated processes. Disk Copy is the well-rounded, easy-to-use backup and cloning utility you have always wanted.

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Product Description

SubRosaSoft Disk Copy is a well-rounded and very easy-to-use backup and cloning system. It can create bootable copies of startup drive, manage synchronization of volumes, handle incremental bootable copies, and support scheduling for automated processes.

macOS High Sierra supported!

Download only!
Download Disk Copy here.
Download Disk Copy here

SubRosaSoft Disk Copy supports multiple backup modes:

  • Clone — creates a bootable clone of your Mac volume.
  • Synchronization — only new and updated files are copied from your source to your destination during a backup.
  • Incremental Snapshots — backs up your most recent changes, and retains older versions of files that you can retrieve, if needed.
  • Scheduled Backups — perform automated backups at times convenient for you.

Written specifically for Mac OS X Mavericks and above, SubRosaSoft Disk Copy includes powerful features that give you greater control and flexibility over cloning, backup, and the duplication of data:

  • Easy-to-use interface — The application’s single-window design makes cloning and backing up a simple process.
  • Extremely fast incremental backups — Instead of cloning an entire drive, this feature adds only new or updated files to your destination.
  • Filtering capability — Allows you to exclude files from a backup.
  • Stop and Resume — Interrupt a backup and start it again later.
  • Save your backup settings — Use Disk Copy’s scheduling features to create automatic backups or to save settings for manual backups you can run when needed.

Main Window

The versatile application spots two options in Backup

Make Clone

You can perform Direct Cloning or Synchronization by backing up using Make Clone

Direct Cloning: Make an exact duplicate of a folder or disk. Unlike dragging and dropping files in the Finder, this feature copies linked, locked, and hidden files, as well as special files, such as System files, which the Mac doesn’t usually allow users to copy. It also preserves creation and modifications dates, which can be lost when performing simple copies in the Finder.

Synchronization: Updates a previous clone. If you have an existing clone, Disk Copy can analyze the clone and use Synchronization to update it. This process is much faster than creating a clone from scratch since it only copies the files that are different between the source and destination.

Make Incremental Snapshot

Incremental snapshots protect you in those seemingly inevitable situations where you have accidentally overwritten a file that contained important data or accidentally deleted a file you wanted to keep. Disk Copy’s snapshots save files whenever you have made a change to them, and they preserve files you have deleted. This allows you to go back and locate the version you need and copy it back to your source volume. You can even restore the whole volume, if needed.

An Incremental Snapshot appears to be a brand new copy of Source, but it’s actually only storing fresh copies of the files that have been changed since the previous backup, and the rest are hard links to the previous backup, which is extremely space efficient and fast to create.

The best way to use Incremental Snapshots is to set up a daily schedule to make Snapshots of your source drive. Each Snapshot is named with the date and time, making it easy for you to go back at any point and pull out preserved copies of any particular files you want.

Saved Backups & Schedules

Disk Copy allows you to set up backups you can run manually or automatically using scheduled options. You can set up many different backups to suit your needs.

Scheduled Backup Panel

Excluding files from Backup

You can exclude specific files or folders from backups if you want to ensure that they do not get backed up. For example, you may not want to back up any movie files from the movies directories.

Exclude Filter Configured

More Flexible than Time Machine®!

  • You can use Disk Copy to make bootable external drives/USB sticks/SD cards, and etc…
  • Disk Copy is configurable. You can choose folders to back up (not just whole disks).
  • Disk Copy does not require a dedicated disk, and you have control over how the disks you back up onto are used.
  • You get better control over how and when backups are made.
  • You get 3 functions instead of just one. Time Machine uses hard link backups, and does not let you control how long the backups are kept, nor what is backed up.
  • Reliability — You can browse through your backups using the Finder, and you can verify they are there and functional, because they behave just like anything else on your disk (and you do not have to access them using a special application.
  • Control — You can go back through your backups in the Finder and safely delete anything you no longer want stored.

System Requirements

SubRosaSoft Disk Copy is designed to run on Macs with the following minimum specifications:

  • Apple Power Macintosh CPU (64-bit Intel based)
  • Mac OS X (10.10 Yosemite or higher)
  • At least 2 GB of RAM

No Registration Number — Trial mode

Even without a registration number, SubRosaSoft Disk Copy is fully functional for up to 30 days. After that, the software will require a registration number to continue to work. Purchase the software online from www.subrosasoft.com or via a retail channel, then simply select “Enter License Key” from the SubRosaSoft Disk Copy drop menu, and enter your registration number.


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