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Using FileName Extreme with Camera Salvage Pro

Recovering erased files with Camera Salvage Pro can pull back those photos you accidentally wiped, but not the image names. File names are usually stored in a separate index from the files themselves, and so it’s impossible to recover names. But with FileName Extreme, you can use the meta data contained inside an image to get something close to the original file name, or what’s more, possibly even a better name.

Here’s how….

After Camera Salvage Pro (or FileSalvage) recovers the files, open up the recovered picture folder (it can be JPEGs, Canon CR2’s, Nikon NEF’s, Sony’s ARWs, and many other picture formats Camera Salvage Pro supports) and take a look at the names of the files. The files names are in list numbers, making identifying the files a daunting task.

Files After Recovered by Camera Salvage Pro


You can download FileName Extreme here.

Launch FileName Extreme. Launch FileName Extreme

Drag the folder of unnamed files to the right hand side of the FileNameExtreme window.

Drag Recovered JPEG Folder to FileName Extreme


Click Examine for FileName Extreme to read the file data.

Click Examine Button on FileName Extreme


Once FileName Extreme finished analyzing the files, it will move to the next window. On the upper right hand panel, select Type, then scroll down the Rename Type panel to select EXIF MetaData.

Select Type EXIF Meta Data from FileName Extreme


You can then select various fields you may want to include in your file names. We recommend selecting Make and Model (of the cameras), DateTimeDigitized, Pixel Height, and Pixel Width.

Select Make and Model


Select Date Time Digitized


Select Pixel Ht and Pixel Width

Once you have them checked, you can arrange the order on how they appear in the new names.

Arrange Naming Sequence


Next select Prefix, click Replace Name, and click Next.

Select Prefix to Replace Name

A list of files with the current names will be listed. The Preview name will be updated only when you click on the Preview button.

Preview Screen


Once you click on the Preview button, the preview Name will be updated to the ones you selected.

Previewed Items Updated to New Names


Noticed that some of the files may be duplicates (sometime data recovery products recover the same file more than once).

FileName Extreme Shows Duplicate Files


If you notices there are duplicates, click on Preview Name. It will sort and rearrange the names in ascending fashion. Scroll down and look for Duplicate Name under comments. If you notice any of them (in group of two or more), uncheck all except for one. (for example, 97.jpg, 98.jpg, 99.jpg are duplicates and two of them can be deselected from rename).

Unchecking Duplicate Files


Click Rename. You will be prompted one final time whether to rename the files or cancel.

Ignore Warning When Prompted To Rename


Open the folder and you will see some of the files still bear the original names (they are either duplicates that you deselected from renaming or files that don’t have embedded EXIF metadata.

Duplicates Not Renamed by FileName Extreme


Scroll down the window and you will see all the renamed files.

Renamed Folder