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Our New Site Redesign Benefits You

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Thank you for your interest in We have been committed to providing great software for forensics and consumer data security for over 15 years.

To continue our service to the law enforcement and Macintosh communities, we have redesigned our web site — bringing a whole new look, as well as support for mobile technologies, and a streamlined shopping experience. It is also much easier to share articles, tips, and product information.

How does this benefit you? In several ways. Product reviews now appear on the product page, rather than separately. Upgrades to products are linked to their parent program, so for example, you can find the FileSalvage upgrades just by going to the FileSalvage page. When you want to purchase a product, it is much easier to add the item to your cart and see everything you’re ordering.

If you previously had an account with us, you will need to create a new account on this site. Obviously, you won’t see prior orders — only current and future orders — but don’t worry. We have retained all previous order information. Simply email our Support staff if you need information on older orders.

We did have to trim a few things with the new site. You might have reached this page from an old link to a discontinued product or a freeware application we no longer offer. These items either didn’t fit with our current product focus, or have lost their usefulness with developments in technology.

Again, thanks for choosing!


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