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Good Backup Is A Lifesaver

While it’s very important to be prepared for data loss with a powerful data recovery program like FileSalvage, it’s also important to keep current backups of your important files.  File recovery programs can recover many of the lost files in the event of accidental deletion and some other data loss situations but with some forms of data loss they can’t replace having a backup copy.

1 in 5 computers suffer fatal hard drive crashes that can leave your valuable files gone forever even for the best of data recovery software.  Using SubRosaSoft Disk Copy to make a backup of your data can insure that if a hard drive crash does happen, you’re prepared.  Paying a data recovery company to get your files back usually costs thousands of dollars and takes time plus there is no guarantee they will be able to get all your information back.  The fast read and write speeds of modern hard drives makes backing up even large amounts of data fairly quick and it really pays off when disaster happens.  Rather than wasting time trying to recover your lost files, simply restore them from your backup and you’re ready to go again.

While SubRosaSoft Disk Copy supports multiple backup modes such as cloning, synchronization, incremental backups, and scheduled backups, it’s limited to Mac drives and will not clone non-Mac partitions such as Windows or Linux. If you want to backup a multi-partition drive or a dual boot (Mac OS X and Windows) device, consider SubRosaSoft CopyCatX instead. CopyCatX is device and file system independent application, which means that the user can clone or create disk images from any normal Mac OS drive, Windows, Linux device, or even TiVO drive.