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–New streamlined interface and faster operation for perfect copies every time–

Newark, CA, May 27th, 2010 — Inc. announced today the immediate availability of CopyCatX version 5.0. This updated version of their drive duplication software offers faster performance, file and folder copying, a streamlined and easier-to-use interface, and compatibility with Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard.

CopyCatX utilizes sector copying instead of the “file-by-file” copy employed by most backup software. Sector copying is extremely fast and enables the user to retain every detail of the original drive – from bootablity to the icon locations. CopyCatX is neither file system nor OS dependent; it can quickly and easily make an identical copy of Linux, Windows, Mac, TiVo, or any other drives.

In addition to copying the entire volume or device, the latest version of CopyCatX offers the option to copy specific files or folders. This allows the users to copy only the essential file(s) they want to backup, and not spend time backing up the entire device. Presets for Mail, Pictures, Movies and other user files are available to make backing up even faster. An option to shut down the computer when the duplication has completed has also been added.

CopyCatX includes features that give users excellent flexibility and control in backing up and recovering their data:

  • Quickly create exact duplicates of your hard drive, Apple iPod, or Mac OS X startup drive.
  • Cross-platform device copy allows you to clone Boot Camp, Microsoft Windows, TiVo, and Linux drives.
  • Lightning fast backup and restoration.
  • Multiple targets cloning speed up data duplication tasks.
  • Recover drives and CD/DVDs by using proprietary resumable/intelligent fault management algorithms.
  • Easy-to-use interface simplifies the duplication and recovery processes to a few clicks.
  • Perfect cloning retains every detail of the original drive or volume, including permissions, icons, placement, hidden files, and content.
  • Proprietary resizing technology regains lost space after a volume cloning (HFS Plus only).

Pricing, Availability and System Requirements Inc.’s CopyCatX 5.0 requires Mac OS X 10.4 or above.

CopyCatX 5.0 is now available at the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of $59.95 plus shipping for the CD version or $49.95 for download only.

Users who have purchased CopyCatX™ version 4 or below can upgrade to 5.0 for $19.95 (download) and $29.95 (CD media) plus shipping. Proof of purchase is required. Free upgrades (download) are available for CopyCatX users purchased within the past 180 days.

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