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Welcome to SubRosaSoft.com Inc.

SubRosaSoft.com is a software development firm based in Fremont, California.

Founded in 2002, SubRosaSoft specialized in privacy related and system utilities. SubRosaSoft's design philosophy revolves around easy-to-use yet extremely powerful software. Our software range includes security, file and device management, home security, forensics, and data and device recovery. Our users range from entry-level Mac users and hobbyists to system administrators, consultants, and forensics professionals.

Files deleted, rescue my data, undelete my files, help me get my pictures back.

Use FileSalvage to get your files back.

Files have been accidentally deleted. I need to recover them.

Countering Identity Thieves

Identify Storehouses of Stolen Credit Cards. Look for financial fraud.

Stop Cybercrime, hackers, and financial fraud on OSX

Get your files back, rescue your data, undelete mac files.

Celebrate getting your data back. Success is yours..

Helping you in your quest for your information

Worth with our dealers and distributors

International sales in China, France, Germany, Spain, and Japan.

Working with State, Local, and Federal Agencies

Digital Forensics Specialists

Supporting eDiscovery, Forensics, and Law Enforcement Professionals.

Supporting Data Rescue, Undelete, Recovery, eDiscovery, Forensics, and Law Enforcement Professionals

Are you here because something happened to an important file or files ?

Would you like to get those files back ? You are in luck, that is our specialty and we have just released version 8 of our popular product SubRosaSoft FileSalvage. You can use this program to scan your hard drive, camera, flash device (or other storage) for lost files and recover them. You can download the program for free and test it to make sure it can find what you are missing. Click here for more information on how to rescue your data.

Use FileSalvage to recover your lost files, iTunes libraries, iPhoto collections, and to rescue data that has been lost. FileSalvage is device and file system independent, which means that the user can recover files from a normal Mac OS hard drive, USB key, PC disk, Linux disk, FAT32 disk, FLASH card, scratched CD, Digital Camera, iPod, and almost any other media or file system that can be recognized in Mac OS X.

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Disk Utilities for Apple Mac OS X - designed to rescue your data, perform investigations,
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