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Freeware - GlobalTraceRoute

Freeware - GlobalTraceRoute

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Plot the route taken by your data around the world. Use GlobalTraceRoute on your Mac OS X computer to trace the path of your internet communications around our planet earth.

GlobalTraceRoute shows your choice of maps of the world and maps the route from your computer to another computer on the internet. Based around the UNIX command "traceroute" GlobalTraceRoute goes one step further to convert internet addresses into geographical locations.

It displays the information it collects either in both graphical form and in a table of raw data.

Geographic locations are plotted using the database service from the Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis (CAIDA). If you like this application and would like to make a donation then please donate to the “WWF The Global Conservation Organization” on this page.

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Download GlobalTraceRoute free here.
Download the Free Software here


Free mac software to show the path your data takes around the world.

SubRosaSoft.com would like to thank Bryan Christianson without whom this application would not have been possible. This application was inspired by the legendary application “WhatRoute”.

GlobalTraceRoute was inspired by the legendary Mac OS classic freeware application 'WhatRoute'.

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Our technical support is free and can be accessed by e-mail (Our e-mail support hours are 10 am to 7 pm, Pacific time). You must include in the e-mail your serial number, system configurations, and the Mac OS X system software version.

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