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Freeware - MusicRenamer

Freeware - MusicRenamer

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Mac OS X software to quickly and easily rename large numbers of music files. MusicRenamer is a powerful mp3 file renaming tool. It helps to avoid spending hours of hard boring manual editing of mp3 filenames. You will rename your mp3 filenames easier and faster and...you'll see your mp3 list with consistent order in filenames. The renamer converts easily any rare and strange filename to a simple format containing the album name, track number, artist and title. You will be asked to select a folder that contains MP3, AAC, M4A, or M4P files. These files will be renamed based on the ID3 tags contained within them. If no ID3 tags are found the filename will be left unaltered.

Free e-Mail Technical Support
Download MusicRenamer free here.
This software is full Universal binary and is ready for your intel Mac.
Download the Free Software here


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Questions and Answers

Available on CD for Mac OS X. Can I get MusicRenamer on a CD?
Yes, please visit our web store or e-mail sales@subrosasoft.com for more information.

Free online support for all of our Mac OS X software.I need support help, what should I do?
Our technical support is free and can be accessed by e-mail (Our e-mail support hours are 10 am to 7 pm, Pacific time). You must include in the e-mail your serial number, system configurations, and the Mac OS X system software version.

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