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You can't rely on privacy policies and corporate America to keep your data safe. Google continues to mine your personally identifiable information for profit. Facebook's CEO Zuckerberg recently said that privacy is dead. No one is watching out for your privacy if you aren't. The need to protect your private data has never been greater.

TextCrypt uses industrial strength Rijndael AES-128 encryption to protect your valuable information and then Base64 encodes it for easy copying and pasting (such as posting to facebook, emails, instant messaging services, etc..)

All you have to do is enter your password plus your text, and TextCrypt will instantly encrypt your private information. This makes it safe for posting on facebook or other message boards, sending via email, or transferring over instant messaging networks.

Only the correct password will unlock your secret.

  • Industry standard AES-128 encryption.
  • Cross-platform application for Apple Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, and Linux users.
  • Automatic copying of encrypted data to the clipboard.
  • Simple user-interface.
  • Fast on-the-fly encryption as go you.

Don't let the government, your spouse, friends, or your company invade your right to privacy. Ancient Romans hung roses above their meetings to indicate that things should stay sub rosa. Keep your information sub rosa by downloading SubRosaSoft's TextCrypt today.

Use these buttons to download the version of your choice. Purchasing the software enables all 3. The software is available here as a free demonstration copy which can later be unlocked by purchasing a serial number.

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Apple Mac OS X

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Microsoft Windows

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What is TextCrypt?

TextCrypt is a cross-platform security tool that allows users to encrypt entered text using AES-128 encryption to protect their data. By simply entering a password and the text they desire to encrypt, TextCrypt will encrypt the text on the fly to protect it from prying eyes. TextCrypt supports other languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, etc.

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