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Freeware - ScreenBoard

Freeware - ScreenBoard

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Share your view with other users over the internet using ScreenBoard and the Web Sharing capability built into your Apple Macintosh Computer.

SubRosaSoft's ScreenBoard lets others on your network watch your screen in a web browser. Ideal for labs, demonstrations, conferences, presentations, and any time you want to show others what you are doing.

Free e-Mail Technical Support
Download ScreenBoard free here.
This software is full Universal binary and is ready for your intel Mac.
Download the Free Software here


Please Note: You do NOT need to add this item to your shopping cart to use it. Please do so only if you want to order it on a CD to be shipped to you or if you wish to sign up for our newsletter. If you just wish to download the software and start using it please click here.

You can select how often you want it and Screenboard will save a screenshot (in jpeg format) and a web page (in html format) to the folder of your choice. If you select to save the files into your built in personal web server folder - users on your network (or internet) can view your screen in their web browser.

SubRosaSoft.com would like to express our support to parents, clinicians and leading scientists who are committed to accelerating the pace of biomedical research in autism through raising money for research projects, education and outreach.

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